Defective Chinese Masks!

Defective Chinese Masks!

WSJ 05/03/2020 article

"Low-Quality Masks Infiltrate U.S. Coronavirus Supply Many imported masks fall short of N95 standards, tests show, putting workers on the front lines of battling the virus at risk"

"Federal officials recently seized a big shipment of masks with ear loops at New York’s John F. Kennedy International Airport that Delaware importer Indutex USA ordered from a company in China. Indutex USA, which said 500,000 masks had been seized, said it had orders from nursing homes, a children’s hospital and a police department."

Be very careful when you buy Chinese products. People purchase Chinese made products such as masks because they are very cheap and they lookalike. However, you get what you pay for.  Please just have a peace of mind and purchase Korean Made products. Our KF-94 masks blocks 95.7%. KF is the acronym for Korean Filter. Korean government is very careful when it comes to approving products due to the high standard in Korea. See the following article about KF standard.

"It announced Wednesday that prevention masks KF80 blocks 86.1 percent of fine dust on average while KF94 blocks 95.7 percent and KF99 blocks 99.4 percent. (Yonhap) KF, acronym for Korean Filter, is the mark of approval as a reliable prevention mask given by Ministry of Food and Drug Safety.Apr 4, 2018"

May 4th 2020 Med Gear USA

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