A Brazilian article featuring Med Gear Representative

A Brazilian article featuring Med Gear Representative

Pandemic will not be controlled without mass testing, says expert

With this system, the lockdown would be decreed only in isolated neighborhoods and the government would spend much less than it has been spending

Mato Grosso and Brazil may be betting on the wrong strategies to contain the advance of covid-19. Public spending on equipping hospitals to treat patients with severe illness tends to increase, without generating a combat result.

The evaluation is by the specialist in public health administration, Laudicério Aguiar Machado, representative of the North American company Med Gear in Mato Grosso. In the field for 15 years, he says that Brazilian public managers are following the “reverse direction” to surround the new coronavirus.

“ It is no use just spending money on the ICU (Intensive Care Unit). To control the disease, mass testing is required. It is the viable way to identify the focus of contagion and implement community policies to control the pandemic. On the contrary, public spending will only increase, ”he says.

The expert says that managers are passing on information about the home of infected people to track the network of contacts and isolate potential patients (suspected cases).

“If the person has a confirmed diagnosis, it is necessary to ask them who they have been with and then call these people to get tested. If the result is positive for these people, the cycle starts again ” , he points out.

Community action

This control would be possible by testing the identification of the coronavirus in the human body from 24 hours after infection. The product follows the test model considered the gold standard RT-PCR, which has been most used in Brazil and other countries for a safe result in the pandemic.

“This product was developed by South Korea with a focus on mass testing policy and also to address the lack of RT-PCR in the market, because of the pandemic. Depending on the laboratory, the result can range from 30 minutes to four hours, ”says Laudicério.

He says that there is already an indication of how the outbreaks of the disease should be identified. From the data compiled by the health agencies, the measure of total lockdown in neighborhoods is adopted .

The public security force and community agents would move to the front of Health work, today restricted to open-door hospitals, such as UPAs and polyclinics, and then to referral hospitals, already in an aggravated clinical stage.

“We have products in stock and at an affordable price, which costs much less than a mechanical respirator. This strategy has already been adopted by other countries and is the path to control, because we do not know how many waves the contagion will occur ”, he said.

Taiwan, the United States, New Zealand and Ecuador are on the list of countries that have adopted the mass testing system. New Zealand was the first country in the world to eradicate the covid-19 from its territory.


Jun 18th 2020

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