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About US

MED GEAR USA is a US based trading company founded in 2013 under the name of Tech Gear USA, Inc. Med Gear USA is its trade name.

MED GEAR USA is an international medical solution provider based in USA. It currently focuses on Coronavirus related products and consulting to help Federal & Local governments, hospitals, labs around the world respond to Covid-19 crisis effectively and efficiently by providing the best and correct Covid-19 tests kits (PCR & Antibody) , PPE (Personal Protective Equipment) and Covid-19 consulting. Our goal is to help you save lives by supporting you with not only test kits, personal protective equipment but also consulting, education, training, and continuing after services.

MED GEAR USA is in discussion with few manufacturers to build a US based manufacturing facility that makes Covid-19 test kits, automated Extraction kits, and PCR machines to cope with high demand in American continent.

Please contact MED GEAR USA to discuss to become a US wholesaler for any product listed on the site including Coronavirus Test kits.